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Why You Should Pick Customer Payments Processing

Certified Payment Processing is a payment processing company located in Dallas, Texas. CPP is a leader in the electronic payments industry with more than 25 years of experience. The company has support staff located all over the United States so that customers can get help faster and better. The enterprise is recognized for its commitment to providing innovative services and products to customers. Customer Payments Processing offers credit and debit card processing equipment. Their system accommodates various methods of accepting cards including PC-based-systems, PIN-based debit, wireless terminals, and terminal swipe stations. They accept all the major card providers including Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

The POS systems can perform processing for various types of business, some of which are a telephone, mail order merchants, and tip-based merchants. The systems are enforced with the latest security standards. You and your customers are assured that your data will not be compromised. The Proxima X5, the Proxima X2, PAYware PC, and MerchantPro Mobile are products offered by Certified Payment Processing to perform card processing.

There are certain scenarios where a cheque is preferred when working with suppliers even though most customers choose to pay with a card. CPP provides Secur-Chex to allow you to process cheques so that you can accept a variety of payments. The device allows you to prepare cheques without worrying about potential fraud because you can verify information about a customer instantly and you can tell if a customer is genuine. You are guaranteed of receiving payments in your account with Secur-Chex even if the cheque bounces because of insufficient funds. The cheque is fed to a scanner and funds are deposited electronically after you enter the amount. The customer then signs the receipt.

Certified Payment Processing provides a line of gift cards and accompanying processing equipment. Gift cards have become an essential part of the relationship between the customer and the business. Cards can be used multiple times through CPP’s system while also eliminating the need for paper gift certificates. Mobile payments have grown to become an integral part of the payment processing industry. CPP offers 1stPayMobile. This is a mobile app that allows you to accept mobile payments from everywhere as long as you have your phone. The app is compatible with all major operating systems such as Android and iOS. The process is as easy as downloading the app and confirming your email address. CPP also offers constant all around-the-clock support to make sure that any issues you have are sorted out.

Another favorite product from Certified Payments Processing is an e-commerce solution known as I-Store. The package appears as a website with the full capability of making e-commerce transactions. It allows businesses to get on the ground running since they do not have to worry about website development. I-Store comes at an affordable price, and a customer gets a broad range of website templates to choose. Other products that CPP offers include ATM processing and EBT card processing machines.