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National Payment Processing

National Payment Processing is a company that offers in depth, and effective, solutions to all of your card processing needs. They offer services from debit cards, gift cards, and even pre paid cards. They also offer c-store processing and national payment processing. Customers can get all of these services done in one visit! It is located in Stockton, California and was opened in the year 2003. The company has the means to do all of these services at a faster speed than other companies. There are also high-quality services offered at rates that customers can easily afford.

Review of National Payment Processing

Customers have had many things to say about their time during their visits to the company. Normally, the company does fairly well on different websites that review the company. The company does not lure in unsuspecting customers with false promises. Everything they advertise is the truth, and customers appreciate this. They make a large amount of their income by recruiting different agents, referring customers, or reselling. The company has been BBB accredited since the year 2011. Overall, the company received an A+ rating from the BBB, and a 3.6 out of 5 stars for their rating. There are a number of different factors that the BBB tests companies on, and this company did well on all of them.

In most companies, when they have to rely on independent workers and resellers there are normally sell tactics that are deceptive within the company. The National Payment Processing has not received as many complaints as other companies in the field. There have been a few complaints about an aspect of nondisclosure of certain terms in the contract. There were also claims of some of the rates being misrepresented. Merchants have also said that the company has a large PCI Compliance fee or the annual fee. There are times where the fee is inconsistently disclosed with future employees or customers.

Overall, the National Payment Processing has done better than it’s backend processor, iPayment. Even though it is doing better, it still has suffered from contract terms that are very pricey. Recently, there were also more complaints about marketing techniques that are deceptive. There are a few ways that the company can improve its’ ratings and overall reputation. The company could do this by getting rid of their PCI Compliance Fee and clearly explain their pricing and any extra hidden fees.