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You get the Whole Package when You Choose Costco Payment Processing

Elavon handles Costco payment processing. Elavon has many years of experience in the payment processing industry. They supply a couple of products including in-store processors, online payment processing, and on-the-go services.They have a whole line of in-store processors and terminals to suit your payment needs. These terminals support debit and credit cards, EMV chips, and mobile wallets including Apple and Android pay. These systems are fitted with Elavon’s security technology to ensure that both your data and that of the customer are not compromised. The system is capable of generating useful data reports to help you gain insights that can grow your business. They offer a broad range of terminals and point-of-sale systems including Ingenico, Tablet POS, and VeriFone.

Elavon has what you need if you prefer to get a POS system that can process online payments. The benefit of an online payment processor is that it can process payments quickly and from anywhere. Security is paramount when it comes to online payments because the data that is exchanged is very sensitive. That is why this POS also comes with a robust technology to ensure that your business is protected from attackers and data breaches. Elavon’s online payment solution is known as Converge and can work in all environments. The cloud-based POS is cheaper than a traditional one, but there is a small monthly fee of $5. Converge has a mobile app that runs on Apple and Android products. You can set up your cell phone as a POS system. The app can generate receipts, apply discounts to sales, and compute the sales tax on each sale. You can get reports from the online POS. You can also find out how your business is performing. This means you can track and manage your business from anywhere. This is handy in restaurants and in businesses where people wait in lines to get served.

The online solution can be adopted by many sectors including retail, hospitality, and the services industry. Businesses that are on the move can purchase the ROAM device that can be easily connected to your phone. The device allows you to accept payments from wherever you are by hooking it up to your phone. You do not have to tell your customers that you accept cash only because the device supports any mode of payment. This is extremely helpful to valets, kiosks, food trucks, and event vendors.

Many of the clients that have worked with the Elavon have praised it because it does not charge hidden fees. You can choose to either be an executive member or a non-executive member when you sign up with Elavon. Being an executive member comes at a price, but the benefits could outweigh the cost in the long run. The company has helped its customers to save a lot each year making it the go-to payment processing service for many. Costco Executive Members can end up saving more than $600 each year with Elavon.