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Using a Co-Signer for a Personal Loan

Getting a loan isn’t that hard when things go well. All you need is a great credit score and a credit history that shows how responsible you are. If you’ve got both, you’ll get a good interest rate on a personal loan. If you don’t, though,...

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Where To Get A Personal Loan

Although the most popular place to get a personal loan is at a credit union or a bank, a zero interest credit card or an online lender might also be great alternatives. The worst thing you can do is start talking to a lender without any knowledge of your credit score...

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A Closer Look at Credit-Builder Loans

If you need to start rebuilding your credit but are not sure where to begin, a credit-builder loan might be the answer. Credit-builder loans help you establish a savings account while building your credit at the same time. With credit-builder loans, you do not receive...

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Getting a Small Business Bank Loan

When you start a small business, you’ll need money. For most, the obvious solution is to go to the bank to get a loan. This is a fairly reasonable train of thought, especially as banks are the primary providers of loans to small businesses. It’s not always...

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Intuit Payment Processing

Businesses using the Intuit PaymentNetwork Account are able to accept payments for services and goods online. This allows them to focus on other tasks. All payment options are available within a single account, so users are able to log in and manage their payments in...

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QuickBooks Payment Processing Review

QuickBooks performs its payment processing through a service known as QuickBooks Payments. The service, originally known as QuickBooks Merchant Services, is a payment processing option that comes bundled with the QuickBooks accounting software by Intuit...

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Square Processing Review

Square was founded in 2008 with the objective of offering mobile and small merchants the ability to capture credit card purchases using only their mobile phones and a specialized reader. Square was founded in response to a friend of the founder Jack Dorsey complaining...

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Stripe Payment Processing Review

A relative newcomer to the world of online payment processing, Stripe has made substantial inroads into the industry since the company’s launch in 2011. With over a hundred features at the user’s disposal, Stripe promises to solve just about any problem...

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Advantages of Payment Processing Online

Banks now offer a feature known as bill and payment processing, allowing their customers to pay all of their bills from one convenient location. If you have ever used multiple websites to pay your monthly bills in the past, you should consider switching to bank...

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Why Many Merchants are Picking HC Processing Center

HC Processing Center is a company that provides consumer payment services to merchants. The enterprise has been in existence since 1983. It is recognized as one of the leading payment processing companies in the nation today. The company processes cards of all types...

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National Payment Processing Review

National Payment Processing National Payment Processing is a company that offers in depth, and effective, solutions to all of your card processing needs. They offer services from debit cards, gift cards, and even pre paid cards. They also offer c-store processing and...

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